6 Reasons why a Business Degree is not an ideal degree to get


The owners of the top tycoon industries in their related field don’t have any degree in business majors. This shows that you do not need a proper education for building a business empire. However, this is not a solid point on which I would like to establish my argument which is why I am going to write six more reasons that will prove you why a degree in business majors is not an ideal degree to get in the year 2017.

Students don’t learn much about business school:

This would be a revelation for most of the people, but it is true. Either a guy is getting business studies from any business school or from the life experience degree programs, he would be learning about managing the business through different theories and case studies instead of applying practical approach. According to a report, 45% of college students don’t learn anything substantial in their first two years of college. This shows how much the quality and standard of our business studies have declined.

  1. You won’t be making much money:

If you think that you will start making enough money that you idealize then you are wrong. You are not going to make tons of money. There is another revelation for you. According to the latest survey of college degree pay scale, the business as a major is not even not in the list of top ten best paying college degrees.

  1. The market is saturated with business majors:

The jobs in the business sector are like a drop and there is a desert of the business graduates waiting for their turn. This is another reason why the business degree is not an ideal degree to get in this era. Moreover, if you get any chance or find any opening, then it is very hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You only have your degree and marks that is why it is hard to get a job in the business industry.

  1. Your quality of life will decline:

The same report about the business as major which showed that the pay scale is not enough, it also reported that the people having business majors doesn’t have the qualitative life as other majors. They find difficulty in paying their bills and running a family. Moreover, they also face problems while switching their jobs too.

  1. The Majoring in Business hurt MBA chances:

After choosing business as major in a bachelor degree program would hurt your chances to get an MBA degree. In the MBA programs, less than 25% of the students possessed an undergrad business degree. Another study showed that they also underperformed during their MBA program who comes from a business major as compared to other majors.

  1. You don’t need a business degree to do business:

As I mentioned above, the owners of top business empires don’t have any degree in a business major. This shows that you don’t need any degree in the business. However, having the right information about the industry in which you are going to invest is compulsory that is why instead of choosing any degree program in the business, you should choose a degree program in the respected field in which you are going to invest your capital.