Are your Sanitary Napkins Preventing you from getting Pregnant?

It can be really frustrating when you are still wondering to have a child after years of marriage. You have been trying for so long to get pregnant but it seems very difficult. You need to review your own lifestyle to rule out any possible factors to prevent pregnancy. To be honest, in this modern day there can be many factors and that including small things like sanitary napkins you often use.

How come sanitary napkins causing you difficult to get pregnant? It is not the products but it is the side effects from the chemical residues used in sanitary napkins production. Women are Aware that most sanitary napkins available on the market containing Dioxin residues, it is a chemical compound from the treatment to maintain bright white color of the napkins. This chemical compound is carcinogen and it can be accumulated in your blood stream causing endometrial issues and off course, that’s lower your chance to get pregnant. Not only dioxin, the napkins may also contain dicofol and trifluralin, both are known as endocrine disruptor affecting metabolism and reproductive system. Like it or not, you need to minimize the risk factors and since sanitary napkin can be quite important for women, you need to find sanitary napkins free from those notorious contaminants and off course, it isn’t one of those products you find on the store. Good news for us all, now we have Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins.

Cherish sanitary napkin is the right product for women hygiene without giving them unnecessary risk. It is 100% super comfortable and super dependable that you will always feel confident even when you are on the peak of period. More importantly, it is 100% safe. This product is made from 100% pure cotton and also 100% safe absorbent material. Negative ion strip helps minimize bacterial growth in vaginal area. With lack of chemical compounds causing endometrial problems, your chance to get pregnant will be higher.