Black Cat Retro Series Basketball Shoes

If you are a basketball fans and have huge interest on basketball shoes, you must be very familiar with Air Jodan. It is a brand of basketball shoes dedicated to Michael Jordan, a former NBA players known as the best of his generation. Even long after MJ retired from pro basketball, Air Jordan is still releasing new models celebrating the true spirit of basketball and sportsmanship.

These past few years, Air Jordan has been releasing retro series of legacy Air Jordan models mostly the popular and iconic models from the time of MJ’s active career. It is proven to be the right decision as the retro series are welcomed enthusiastically by basketball shoes lovers. This years, another iconic model is released and it is air jordan 13 retro black cat. The legacy Air Jordan Black Cat was released to celebrate MJ’s alter ego of Black Cat. The retro model has the same spirit with many improvements in design and technology.

Air Jordan 13 retro black cat model is inspired by the character of Black Panther. No wonder it is dominated by black-anthracite like reflective materials. It also has hologram logo to mimic panther eyes. Even more interesting, the sole is designed to be like panther’s paw. Off course it comes with new materials and new technology to make it ready for high performance.

It is easy to predict that this retro black cat shoes soon become iconic. We can see from the high demand of this shoe models. Are you looking for a pair of this retro basketball shoes? You can always count on This is the one stop portal to find the best products from Nike. You can easily search the exact model you want and get result of the products listed there. You can compare those listings to secure the best offers.