Educated Individuals Are Less Likely to Experience a Self-Caused Car Accident, Here’s Why

Car insurance claim – these are the three words that every car owner dreads to hear. The reality is however, that car accidents are real and no matter how much you try, there will come a day when your vehicle will suffer some sort of damage. As your mind races about the possibilities of what to do next, you’d wonder if your insurance company will cover the damage at all.

After all, whose fault was it because of which the accident occurred? Given the fact that many people are now causing self-inflicted damage to their vehicles to get insurance benefits, the entire premise of proving the cause of the accident now stands on shaky grounds.

One thing is for certain that people who are educated and experienced behind the wheel are less likely to encounter this problem.

How educated individuals are less likely to experience a self-caused car accident?

While some may think, this topic is going to be quite a stretch, the subject is something that’s worthy of discussion. By educated, we don’t just mean people who have degrees from expensive colleges; we mean individuals who are aware of how the automobile insurance laws function. In fact, just having a basic knowledge of insurance policies and the general law is sufficient.

This isn’t rocket science, but this notion is true for the same reasons it’s true that people who are educated are more likely to get better jobs and live happier lives. The more knowledge we possess, the more ways we can apply it to the real world to make lives easier and safer.

In the context of self-inflicted vehicle accidents, the person who thinks they can game the insurance company with damage claims will likely be at a loss. It is because insurance companies keep a thorough record of your driving history, capability to invest in their insurance policies, and even in some cases, the level of your education.

Does that mean auto insurance will not pay to repair the self-caused damage?

Auto insurance will be used to repair damage to your automobile if you have collision coverage and your policy recognizes the cause of the accident is not directly intentional. For instance, if you mistakenly crash your car without any other vehicle involved or if your car incurs damage while parking, you’ll likely qualify to receive insurance benefits.

If you have questions regarding your rights as an insurance policy holder you should consider contacting a attorney at Kendall Law. You’d be amazed to learn how much help car accident attorney can be during your time of need.