Five Reasons Why Individuals Need to Be Properly Educated About Human Rights

Human rights. You’ve probably have heard that phrase being uttered or being talked about, right? What are they? Is there good reason for you to be well acquainted with human rights? Of course, there is. Here are five reasons why individuals need to be properly educated about human rights.

What are human rights in the first place?

These are the freedoms and basic rights to which you are entitled to. For instance, there is the right to life, freedom of expression as well as equal treatment before the law, among several others. These rights cannot be denied on any basis be it race, sex, age or ethnicity.

Now that you’ve known what human rights are, here are the reasons as to why you should be properly educated about them:

Learn to resolve conflicts

Did you know that many conflicts in the society are caused by breaching of basic human-rights? The trauma that results from this not only causes emotional and physical distress but could also cost some money. As surprising as it sounds, you may have to contact a law firm like Cohen & Jaffe for interpretation of human-rights and breaching of the same. This way, conflicts are kept at bay.

Improve the quality of life

You enjoy quality housing yet there are about 10% of the people around the globe who live in informal settlements. Living conditions can be dire with overcrowding, little or even no access to clean water, toilets or health-care. Most people living in informal settlements aren’t protected from harassments such as a forced eviction because their basic right – to live there – is not recognized. Education on these rights helps improve the lives of others.

Demand for quality healthcare services

You have a right to be as healthy as you can and in case of the inevitable – that’s being sick – you should get access to a health facility. This is a basic right that should not be denied to anybody regardless of the sex, ethnicity, race or anything else. If need be this education can be used to pressurize the government to improve the quality of the service and facilities offering health services. After all, isn’t the current government supposed to make life better for you?

Developing critical analysis of different situations

Just like how education enables you to develop rationale judgement and critical thinking, learning about human rights helps you develop critical analysis if different situations. Remember that most conflicts come about due to a breach of human rights. When the right to life, right to shelter, freedom of expression, right to education and right to health plus the others are taken care of, then the society will enjoy more cohesion and prosperity.

Promote expression of feelings

To get the best out life, you need to be able to express everything at heart. This should include fighting for all your rights and those of people living around you. By getting proper education on human rights you are bound to enjoy a better life. In case of a breach, contact a human rights lawyer to help you.