How Fast You Really Get?

Let’s admit that speed is the most attractive factor when choosing internet service provider. That’s the bling of internet service. It is easy to notice that internet service providers are offering internet connection with high speed even claiming that their connection is the fastest one. I bet you made the decision to subscribe among them from the speed offered. But are you really sure the speed you get is as fast as the claim?

It is a common thing that you are blinded by the blings of that internet service provider. But let’s get real. You deserve to know the reality. What you see on the promo ads is maximum speed while actually, there are many factors to make the actual speed is much lower. Luckily, now we have the right tool to verify the actual internet connection speed. There are tools designed for internet speed test, you can easily choose one of them. This tool is dependable to check the actual internet connection speed you get to compare it with the provider’s claim. This speed test tool checks the quality and download speed. It works by checking the ping as well as download and upload bandwidth speed. This method is proven to be actual verifying internet connection speed.

So, there’re three factors checked: ping, upload, and download. It won’t be long to verify the actual performance of your internet connection. Most of the tools are web based so you will only need to open the website and run the application. It takes only few second to complete the test and the result will be presented on the application. Of course, you can’t expect that this test will be 100% accurate because there are many factors affecting the result. It is including the server locations, workload, and the device you use.