How to Start a Blog that Will Attract A Lot of Visitors

Do you like writing and want to share your thoughts for the whole world to see? Or are you simply tempted by the extra money and endorsement goods that will come your way? Well, if you answer yes to both of them, then you definitely need to start making your own blog. Creating a blog is easy, but if you want to have a blog that can attract a lot of visitors and loyal fans, that is a completely different matter. A successful blog always need hard work and you need to be consistent. If you are up for those challenges, well, here are some tips on how to start a blog that will definitely attract a lot of visitors.

Choose a Theme and Target

Choosing a topic for your blog and determining to whom the posts are targeted are the first things you have to do. Successful blogs always have a niche, something that will make it easier for people to find you. Of course making a blog that discusses multiple topics is not a sin. However, it will confuse the readers, especially if you are just starting. Besides, focusing on one topic will not only help you gain visitors but also loyal fans that will not hesitate to subscribe to your posts.

Setting a clear target reader is also important. It will help determining how you should write the post. Writing is just like talking. You need to figure out who you are talking to so you can determine the level of politeness and the conversation style. Whether you need to write formally or casually, it all depends on who your target reader is.

Make a Great Layout

Now that you have a topic and target, it is time to dress up your blog. The design of your blog needs to be attractive and eye catching. But in the same time, it needs to be simple enough so that it will not overwhelm the reader. Choosing a layout is not only about what you think is good. You need to do some research too. Visit popular blogs and analyze their layout, what color they use and what kind of font should be used. You need to pamper your reader’s eyes if you want them to stay and read your posts.

Hire Professional Writer

Let’s be real, not every successful bloggers out there are great writers. A lot of great blogs out there hire a ghost writer and it’s a very common practice. If you think your writing skill is not good enough, don’t be afraid to invest your money to hire a good writer that has adequate knowledge about your blog topic.

Promote It

Last but certainly not the least, you need to get your blog on the map. There are many ways to do this but make sure you don’t cheat so the search engine will not ban your blog. Advertising your blog, blog walking and make guest posts are some of the most effective ways to get people to know your blog.