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It is great to have a child who has so much passion in learning. You must be proud that she has great achievement at school but at the same time you have a concern whether you can provide her with the best of education and training she deserves. It is important to help her achieve her dream by making sure she’ll get into a good school to accommodate her gifts even when it means looking for a school overseas.

Secondary education is a tricky thing because it will really determine the future of the students. Getting into a good school leading to a respected degree is a must. But off course, it won’t be easy to do and as parent you need to be able to guide your children. It won’t be good without proper knowledge. Here at you can find the resources you need. This is one stop online portal dedicated to education news Pakistan. This portal has comprehensive, unbiased, and most updated news and information related to education in Pakistan especially related to higher secondary education. You can find the most updated news in education that some of them may have crucial impact to your child’s future education. offers useful resources to help your child to success. It has large collection of past papers of all classes from level 5th to 10th, pas exam questions of different competitive exams, and many other education materials. This website also has guidelines to higher education in Pakistan and abroad. You will find very useful guideline to choose the right Pakistani university based on your child’s preference. It also offers useful guideline on scholarship for Pakistani university or foreign universities. This portal is one stop source for all parents preparing their children to reach academic success. Don’t miss to visit this portal every day.