Online Library for Educational Music

There are many students who have difficulties in learning, especially when it comes to comprehend certain concepts, memorize math formula, or understanding a theory. It takes a lot of time and effort for them to finally remember and understand their study materials. But in contrary, kids and young people can easily remember many songs even with long and complicated lyrics. They understand the song once they heard it.
Young people can enjoy the music and that is what makes them easily remember the lyrics. Adopting music to help students will let them learn more effectively. This is the core idea of It is how to adopt music into a powerful learning tool. Through, it connects educators and teachers with artists and musicians to create and publish educational music dedicated to help students learn better. Turning study materials into songs, it would be so much enjoyable and highly proven to be easier to comprehend. Students won’t even realize that they are actually studying but instead they are listening to music they like. No wonder since the songs are catchy to meet the actual preference of young generation. Here at, there are many songs from different genres. Those songs are covering different subjects from biology to math, from history to languages and lots more. No wonder it´s called the online library of educational music. is also a community. It encourages musicians to work together with educators and teachers to create new educational music. Anyone who wants to take part in this mission can join by subscribing and have unlimited access to their music. Musicians and teachers can also take challenge to create new songs based on requested subjects submitted by students. That´s what makes a very awesome platform.