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Do you want to win a scholarship to study abroad? That’s a dream for many enthusiastic and passionate students all over Nigeria. Study abroad means experiencing education training with better quality than what we have at home. But it is also widely understood that a scholarship isn’t easy to win. For that you need to be an outstanding student.

Before you can find study abroad scholarships to pursue graduate degree, you need to be good at your undergraduate study. You will be competing with thousand other students and having a good grade will give you better chance to win. You need to do very hard works and every help available to get a good grade. The best help you can find here at Eduregard. This is the leading online platform dedicated to students and education materials. This platform offers education resources for all levels from primary to graduate level. Undergraduate students will get big advantages from valuable resources provided by this platform. Eduregrad has one of the largest online repository of education materials for undergraduate students. It is ranging from lecture notes, journals, project materials, and post questions of exams and tests of different study disciplines. Eduregard also offers tutorials of various course materials. Those online tutorials are available in videos and texts, all available in one platforms to make it easier to follow.

This online platform is definitely very useful for Nigerian undergraduate students to assist them study. Depends on how you can optimally use this platform, it can help you achieve higher grade. To give you better advantages to win scholarship, Eduregard also has useful scholarship resources. It is including complete guidelines to scholarship applications, study abroad guide, to repository of past questions from various scholarship application tests. Keep your dream alive and be sure you use Eduregard to help you make it comes true!


Professional carpet cleaners help increase soil removal

Professional carpet cleaners help increase soil removal, while ensuring as little damage possible to the cover of the textile floor. These carpet cleaners possess necessary knowledge, experience and education/training to perform the task to perfection. Taking up carpet cleaning as a profession needs industry accreditation. These are offered by recognized training institutes such as Jena Dyco, Australian Cleaning and Restoration Industry, and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), to name a few. People who’ve undergone necessary training can differentiate between different carpets and the type of cleaning treatment they need. All carpet cleaners are not the same – there’s difference in terms of experience, training and also the equipment they can use.

The Best Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning experts do not have a template approach to cleaning. The cleaning professional would carefully assess the task at hand and devise a cleaning strategy accordingly. When booking the work, the professional puts forward multiple questions to the client, to determine the project estimate and the equipment required. When on site, the carpet cleaner would assess the carpet type, use, make, and the extent of soiling. After considering these things, the cleaner arrives at the best cleaning treatment. During cleaning, the cleaner should go over five primary carpet cleaning principles for ensuring the best results.

1. Dry Soil Removal

The first important step in carpet cleaning is vacuuming. Flattened or crushed pile should be cleared with a grooming rake or brush, prior to vacuuming. Dry soil removal can then be maximized. During vacuuming, ensure:

• There’s some space left in the collection chamber
• The airflow is free and unobstructed
• The drive belt’s condition is good (vacuum must be serviced 1-2 times every year)
• The beater brush’s condition is good

2. Soil Suspension

Soil suspension helps eliminate the leftover soil after dry vacuuming. It achieves this by breaking the carpet fibre and soil bond. There are four primary aspects to breaking this adhesion:

• Chemical activity: A pre-spray is put to work post-vacuuming. Wherever feasible, carpet cleaners would want to use sprays with bio-degradable agents. To make sure the application is in right quantities, the label instructions must be adhered to.

• Heat/temperature: In general, increased heat means more cleaning efficiency. The pre spray’s power is augmented with heat, which usually means not a lot of chemical is required for achieving optimal results. When the chemicals used are bare minimum, the residue is also less. But the heat should be handled by an experienced person, to ensure there’s no dye loss and fibre damage.

• Agitation: This is achieved using a brush, and a motorized water pressure or rotary. Agitation helps with distributing cleaning agents to increase the efficiency with which the carpet fibres can be separated from soils. As a result, the soil suspension process gets a speed boost.

• Time: Soil suspension is not possible right away. Chemicals take time to permeate the carpet for maximum efficiency.

3. Suspended Soil Removal

There are multiple soil removal methods, but the hot water extraction method is most common. The other methods are:

• Bonnet method or using an absorbent pad or dry compound for absorption
• Carpet shampoo or wet vacuuming
• Flushing – an immersion technique used for cleaning rugs
• Dry residue vacuuming – this entails a foam or dry compound distributed onto the carpet to first attract suspended soil and then vacuum it away.

4. Pile Setting/Grooming

Professional carpet cleaners know carpet grooming post cleaning helps maintain the carpet fibres’ look. Grooming also helps distribute deodorizers and protect fabric, and increases evaporation speed, and therefore the drying time.

5. Drying

It’s usually considered a major inconvenience if a carpet doesn’t dry within a few hours. Also, as a result, the chances of foot traffic-induced re-soiling increases. Another major consequence is increased likeliness of fall and slip accidents when transitioning to hard floors from wet carpet. Also, there are problems such as odor, mold, dye transfer or bleeds, and browning.

To decrease drying periods, professionals resort to a few unique techniques, which include:

• Ensuring a well-maintained and efficiently working equipment
• Making sure there is sufficient air flow or adequate ventilation through the property (for example, heating/ ceiling fans/ open windows)
• Dry passing with the wand post rinse/wet passes, for maximum water extraction
• Use hot water for help with evaporation
• Using drying equipment – for instance, air movers

Not all of these methods would get implemented at a time.

Drying Time Needed for a Carpet

Drying times differ based on some unique factors – including internal and external atmospheric conditions, fibre type, air movement, soiling amount (more cleaning solution is needed for heavily soiled carpet), pile density, deodorants, and protector application. Other aspects significantly affecting drying periods are the cleaner’s experience, equipment performance, and the cleaning method employed. Usually, the carpets that are cleaned with the hot water extraction method take 4-5 hours to dry; bonnet cleaning and other dry cleaning techniques won’t take more than a couple of hours; and cleaning with dry compound means immediate results.

Finding a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Generally, qualified and trained carpet cleaners have websites where they put down their credentials and experience details. Cleaners who’ve completed their certification tests are issued ID cards by IICRC. This card serves as an identification of sorts that customers can ask to verify the cleaner’s credentials. A good place for locating a local professional carpet cleaner or cleaning service is the IICRC website. At the end of the day, the carpet cleaner you choose should not have been narrowed down based on his price alone. Interrogating the cleaner before handing over the cleaning project is important.

The Best Commvault Training Course

Today is the day of data driven business world. Data and information has very crucial role in business that it can help determine the right business decision to take. How to manage and protect data and information can make a huge difference between successful business with the failed ones. Data and information become strategic asset to every business organization and it becomes even more sophisticated to manage and protect.

Whether it is data, information, or application gathered and used throughout the business operation lines, it is critical to make sure it is integrated well and it can be safely shared from one line with another. The bigger the scale of the business organization, the more data managed and it requires sophisticated solution. Commvault is one of the best solution for this issue. It is a software designed and developed as data protection and information management suite for enterprise level environments. This software has become the industry standard because it offers single platform and unifying code base, advanced capabilities, and highly scalability. As more and more enterprises are using Commvault for data and information management, there’s a high demand of professional with competencies in Commvault operation. It creates a very prospective job opportunity you need to reach.

It is a good thing that you have background in IT and data and information management. But don’t forget that Commvault is a highly-sophisticated software. You need to have real expertise and skills to handle day to day administration and management of this software. It is highly recommended to take a Commvault training course to earn the expertise you need. Off course it is important to only choose a training course from a highly reputable provider and Mindmajix is the one to trust. It is the leading software and technology training capital with top reputation. It offers training courses on advanced software modules including training course on Commvault. Mindmajix is well known for its highly innovative online based training course designed to help students to gain the expertise and practical skills for real world implementation.

Commvault course from Mindmajix is designed to build professional expertise in this software. The goal is you have the competencies to become personnel responsible for day to day data and information administration and management using Commvault software. The curriculum of the course is very comprehensive covering fundamentals to implementation and maintenance of Commvault. Not only the course materials but the student will be given access to environment/server for real-time practical experience during the course. The trainers of this course are veterans of the industry with seasoned professional expertise and experience.

The training course from Mindmajix is designed to be very flexible. You can determine the schedule suitable with your activities or choose from different modules to learn making sure you’ll get the knowledge and practical skills you really need. Don’t miss this great opportunity. There’s a job opportunity with very promising career available there. Build your competencies and expertise. Apply to Commvault course with Mindmajix and enroll it. Once you completed the course, you’ll become a highly demanded professional.

Get Your Australian Student With No Hassle

Australia is one of the most favorite destinations for those who want to pursue higher education abroad. No wonder because Australia has advanced higher education systems with world class universities comparable with top universities in Europe or the US while from distance wise, it isn’t as far from our country. Since Australia has stronger cultural diversity with strong US and UK communities, it won’t be very difficult for student to blend with the community.

If you are considering Study in Australia to purse higher education program, it is important to understand all the requirements needed to stay in that country as an international student. According to Australian law, every foreign student staying to study at one of the college there must hold a valid student visa. Applying for student visa is quite complicated process and it can be really irritating. Luckily there’s better solution to make the whole process much efficient with guaranteed success. You can find the solution here at Rapid Migration. It is an education and visa consultant with core mission to provide assistance to international students willing to pursue higher education in Australia. It has complete services making sure you can reach your big goal in life.

Rapid Migration offers expert assistance to help you determine which program at certain college to apply to meet your future goal. It has highly experienced education counselors who are committed to help you succeed. It also offers consultant guidance for Student visa Australia. Rapid Migration is certified visa consultant with M.A.R.A. certified (Migration Agents Registration Authority) making sure it has the expertise and resources to help you prepare all requirements and check your eligibility to obtain student visa. Assistance will be provided on every step of the process based on your actual condition and needs. Visit Rapid Migration’s website and don’t hesitate to request for a quote to learn how much it will cost to get your student visa.

Office address
309 Raja House
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Professional carpet cleaning services offer the best of both worlds

removing the most amount of soil while minimising the amount of damage to the floor cover. Experts in the field have the knowledge, expertise and the training needed to obtain the desired results. There are facilities and agencies that provide accreditation and training to individuals looking to get into the field. In Australia, the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Industry recognizes Jena Dyco and IIRC as one of the most reputable training institutions. Individuals who complete their courses in the training facility will be able to identify carpet types and determine the most appropriate method for cleaning and removing stains. When looking for a carpet cleaner, instead of simply asking about their techniques and their rates, you should inquire about their training, expertise and tools. These three factors can influence the results and affect how well your chosen carpet cleaner can do his job.

Choosing the right method

There is no single method that could be used to clean all types of carpets. Each carpet cleaning job poses a unique challenge and professional cleaners are trained to analyze the situation and determine the most effective cleaning technique to handle the task. During the consultation phase, professional cleaners typically ask a long list of questions. The answers they get from potential clients will help them determine how much work is involved and the cost. Prior to setting up their equipment, cleaners normally inspect the area. The inspection process will give them a better idea of the carpet type, how it was made, level of wear and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed. This process will help cleaners determine the best way for cleaning the carpet. There are five methods that cleaners use to clean carpets while preventing damage to the carpet.
1. Removal of dry soil
A vacuum cleaner is a basic tool used in carpet cleaning and maintaining its condition. Grooming rakes can be used to lift flattened or crushed pile areas before using a vacuum cleaner. This will help remove more soil on the carpet. When using a vacuum, remember the following tips:
• Check the collection chamber to ensure it is not full before using.
• There is no obstruction and the air is free to move.
• Have your vacuum cleaner serviced every 6 to 12 months to ensure that the drive belt is working properly.
• Make sure that the beater brush is functioning.

2. Soil suspension
By weakening the link between the rug and the soil, this carpet cleaning method is used to remove dirt that the vacuum cannot remove. There are four aspects needed to reach this goal:

Chemical reaction: This occurs after using a pre-spray. A biodegradable detergent is often used. Professional carpet cleaners will know which products and methods will work well with each type of material. Attached labels will help carpet cleaners determine how much of the product to use.

Heat/temperature: Usually, the more heat is involved, the more effective the spray is in cleaning the surface. A higher temperature activates the pre-spray’s cleaning properties and making it more efficient. Less fluid means less residue gets left behind. Only experts can determine how much fluid should be used without damaging the fiber or the carpet’s dye.

Agitation: This technique involves using a tool such as a brush, water pressure or a motor-powered rotary. The process makes it easier to disperse the cleaner evenly and remove the soil from the fibre. This is especially effective in cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

Time: It takes time before the chemicals can become effective. The soil suspension needs to settle in to the carpet fibres.

3. Suspended Soil Removal
This stage of the carpet cleaning process involves removing the suspended soils. Hot water extraction is considered the most common practice. Other techniques include:

• The bonnet method which involves using an absorbent pad or a compound which absorbs the suspended soils.
• Using carpet shampoo to remove the soil via wet vacuuming.
• Flushing the soil away using the immersion technique.
• A dry or foamy substance may be used to absorb the soil which is then removed using a vacuum
4. Pile Grooming/Setting

This stage speeds up the drying process. With this process, the condition of the carpet fibres are preserved. Grooming also helps protect and deodorize the fabric. Plus, it helps the fluid evaporate faster.

5. Drying
Professional carpet cleaners look for ways to further minimise the drying time. A carpet that takes too long to dry poses a number of issues. For one, customers find it inconvenient to wait for hours for the carpet to dry. A wet carpet is also likelier to collect dirt. Plus, moving between wet surfaces raises the chances of slips or falls to occur. Moulds, smells and stains are also major concerns.

To speed up drying times, the following strategies may be employed:
• Check to see that all carpet cleaning tools are functioning.
• Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation passing through the area.
• Make sure that enough dry passes are performed to remove as much liquid as possible
• Use hot water to speed up the evapouration process
• Utilize air movers and similar drying tools.

These are only a few possible drying techniques that cleaners will use

How much time does it take for carpets to dry?
An expert cleaner will find ways to shorten drying times. However, several factors can affect drying times. These factors include the existing environmental conditions, amount of ventilation available, fibre type, density of the pile, severity of the dirt accumulation and how long it takes to apply deodourants and fibre protectors. The cleaner’s expertise, the methods and tools he uses are other important factors as well. As a guide, hot water extraction normally takes 4-5 hours to dry, the bonnet method takes an hour or two while the effects of dry compound cleaning are instant. Taking these figures into account, a carpet should only take a few hours to dry.

Where can I find companies offering professional carpet cleaning services?
With this information, you now know how to find a professional cleaner. Professional cleaners typically indicate their qualifications on their website. Showing their IICRC data indicates the company is certified. If not indicated online, ask for the cleaner’s IICRC cards. Visit the IICRC website for more information on available cleaners in the area. If in doubt, ask questions to learn more about the cleaner’s qualifications.

How to Prepare a Successful CFA Exam


So you want to become an investment professional and now you are preparing to earn your CFA charter. It is a good decision because you are taking a big step for your career advancement. CFA program is well known to provide strong foundation real-world skills in investment analysis and portfolio management. Being a charterholder of CFA is an important credential and will open a better career path in this industry.

The biggest challenge to earn your CFA charter will be the CFA exam. You need to pass this exam and you know very well it won’t be an easy one. It is important to master all materials required by CFA curriculum and even when you are confident with your knowledge, the real exam can be even more challenging. It is important to get familiar with the pressure of the exam atmosphere to make sure you are fully ready mentally and psychologically. That’s why having a CFA mock exam designed with similar set of questions, rules, time, and exam atmosphere like the real exam will give you lots of advantages. Analyst Prep is the one you can rely on for this. It is the leading provider of CFA study packages designed to help preparing a successful exam.


There are many other providers of CFA study packages but none of them can deliver the high standard of quality with high successful rate like Analyst Prep. It has crash courses and notes & summaries designed based on CFA curriculum. It offers the most effective method to comprehend all materials from every LOS. Analyst Prep also has CFA exam question bank covering all LOS helping you to understand the type of questions for the exam. You can also download specially prepared CFA level 1 mock exam sets and time yourself completing the questions. It will be very useful to track your performance and getting familiar with various types of question.

New York City’s Best SEO Company

New York City is like a center of the business world. This is the city where you can find huge companies including those listed in the top of Fortune 500. Running a business in this city means big opportunity but also big challenges. It is important to make sure your business is highly visible in such a busy city and yes, you need to rely on your website to introduce your business and strengthening your brand image.

Being visible online is very crucial and yes, you need to be on the top rank of Google or Bing search page. Off course it won’t be easy because many companies and business organizations in this city really know the crucial role of online visibility. Their websites have been optimized with advanced SEO to ensure high rank. It means you need SEO solution way better than the other. This is the time when you need Level Ten Solutions. This is a leading New York City SEO Company with top reputation. It is ranked among top ten SEO services in NYC and specializing in SEO services for local businesses in the city. This SEO company has more than 14 years of experience in SEO industry helping many business organizations successfully turn their websites into powerful marketing tool.

Level Ten Solutions has team of seasoned SEO experts who are dedicating their expertise and time to develop the most advanced SEO methods and solutions designed for local business environment in NYC. This New York SEO Agency offers complete solutions with long term commitment ensuring you can scale up your website as your business grow. Using its strategic solutions, they can significantly boost website rank on Google and Bing and increase your business visibility online. This company can also help your business to be ready with the social media era. This is the best SEO solution you need.

Learning STEM with Fun Activities

The paradigm of new curriculum today is based on STEM education focusing on teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematic through interdisciplinary and applied approach. Students are encouraged to learn STEM from real-world applications. Let’s admit that science and math are not the most popular subjects for most students at any school. It would be a huge challenge to encourage children to focus on those subjects let alone apply them in real life.

As the world is shifting into more technology driven world, having a background at STEM will help students to build a better foundation for the future success. This foundation must be built since they are in primary school. As there’s no better thing to children than to play, why don’t let them play while learning about various STEM materials? Sphero, the leading name in educational games and toys has been developing many interesting learning activities based on their educational products. Take a look at Best Sphero Activities on its website to get an inspiration how to make STEM education much more fun to learn for the children. It combines the specially designed toys and gadgets with specially developed games. Both are the products from years of collaboration between engineers, designers, education experts, children development experts, and game developers.

Black Friday is coming and it is a good time to find your children a new Sphero. It would be a great gift for your children and will make them love not only to play but also to learn a lot with this great educational toy. Don’t hesitate to learn more about Sphero Black Friday Deals and keep updated with the news for the best deals of the year. Believe me, you won’t regret this decision when you see the happy face and big smile of your children while playing and learning using Sphero.

The Right Music to Listen to While Studying

There are many people who have problems to concentrate. They are easy to be distracted by many things and can focus their attention or their mind on one important thing. If you are students who have a lot of tasks to do, whether you have ton of study materials to learn before the exam or you are working on hard assignments, it would be a big issue when you are difficult to concentrate. You can’t optimize your study and it means you won’t get optimum result from your effort. You need to find the right solution to be better in concentrating and the right music can be the one you need.

Our ability to concentrate is strongly affected by the environment. We need a supportive environment to concentrate which is an environment leading you to feel relax and comfortable. But it doesn’t mean the environment you need is a complete quiet environment without any distraction. As a matter a fact, music can help creating that kind of environment thus helping you to concentrate better on what you are doing. It is no longer a secret that many people like to hear for favorite music while they are working on focus-demanding thing. Off course, not all kind of music is good to help you concentrate while studying. You need the right guide to what is the best study music.

Before we learn about the right music to study it is important to understand that there’re split toughs abut music and concentration. Many believe that music can really help in concentrating while other only see it as myth. Another important thing to understand is that the same music may not deliver same effect to different people. However, there are several types of music or actually, certain music frequency and ambiance, can create relaxing effect to most people. Some types of music can bring the right frequency to stimulate brain function making it much easier to concentrate and comprehend what they are studying.

Background music with ambiance sounds like waterfalls, wind chimes, or chirping birds can create relaxing atmosphere especially when combined with calm instrumental music.

Yes, instrumental music is better suited as background music while you are studying rather than music with vocal lyric. Music with lyric is much complex and your brain works harder to process this type of music compared to instrumental music. Don’t forget that listening music while studying is also like multitasking. There’s a chance that the music can create interference, for example interference of the lyric processing and read/writing activity. In this case, music becomes a distraction. Loud music is also not recommended as background music for studying. It only becomes even bigger distraction.

Once again, there’s no exact type of music best for studying because each person has different preference. You need to find it yourself and it means you need to do trial and error. What you need to give attention is the music that won’t distract you, make you calm, and help you become more productive and retain more information.

Daily Current Affairs Update for IBPS CWE Preparation

Working as bank officer or bank clerk is still one of the most wanted professions here in India. This job position offers good career path, promising salary, and also respectable status in the society. No wonder many people are competing for a job position in public or regional banks. You know very well that it won’t be an easy one because the competition is so intense.

Everyone seeking employment as bank office or bank clerk is required to pass the common written exam (CWE) from Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). More than just passing the exam, you will also need to get good grade from the exam because the result of this exam will determine the job position and the location you will be placed. Preparing for the exam will be very tough and can be so stressful. One of the important factor is you need to keep update with public and common knowledges. Here at The Tube Guru, you can find reliable source for Daily Current Affairs useful for your exam preparation. Yes, this portal is dedicated to those preparing for IBPS CWE.

You are recommended to visit this portal daily because it has updated news and information that would be related to IBPS CWE test. There are general current affairs listed there or you can also narrow down the current affairs you want to keep update based on various categories available there. It is very easy to determine which one to choose. You will love to have such useful source of current affairs. Even better, that information has been curated and verified by team of professionals become listed and featured in this portal. This will help you have better knowledge and become more confident to face the exam. It is like the first path for your successful career in bank industry.