Test Your Stress Gene

The world we are living in today gives us more challenges and we are often living under big pressure. There are many things able to cause stress in our life including work pressure, financial condition, family or relationship problems, and many more. Living with too many stresses isn’t good for our physical and mental health. In short term, it can cause nausea, insomnia, to headache while in long term, it can cause cardiovascular disease, hair loss, and even infertility.

What most of us don’t realize yet is that our gene has strong role on regulating stress. How we respond to the stress and perceive the world around us is determined by our gene. That’s why there are people who take stress awfully while other can cope from it without any difficulty. Scientific researches have been revealed genetic variants of the genes associated with the stress. It is related to the resistance and ability to cope with the stress. What kind of your genetic variant related to the stress can be identify with DNA test. New Life Genetics is the one stop service for DNA Stress testing online. It offers all-inclusive package for stress DNA testing with very reliable result.

New Life Genetics has the latest and most advanced method to test and identity stress related gene variants. There’s no hassle to get the test. Order the package online from the website and follow the instruction you receive in the package. Send the test kit back to New Life Genetics and the test result will be available within 20 day. You will receive secure personal test report with identification of your genetic variants related to stress along with guideline and recommendation on which type of activities or environment less likely to cause stress to your specific genetic variant and how to make the right adjustment with the environment to reduce stress.