Trick to Improve Your Typing Skill

Typing skill is very important in work fields. You should type as fast as you can and it has to be in the right standard typing method. One way to know how fast you can type and even how much money you can get from your typing speed is taking typing test. Easy Type is the place for you to do the test. You don’t need to worry because this website offers free touch typing test so you don’t need to pay anything.

Actually, it is not only about typing test but more than that you can also learn about how to type based on the international standard. This website shows to you where to put your fingers. Then, you have a chance to practice based on this standard especially to train your fingers to push the buttons. Moreover, they also show to you the best position when you want to type faster with higher accuracy. For example, based on the standard, you have to type without looking the keyboard but looking the screen. Then, you have to sit along with straight back. Don’t forget to keep your feet flat on the floor. Just make sure that you are comfortable enough before starting the typing test. When you are ready, you can start the tying test. Make sure that you do the test maximally so you know your real typing skill. At the end of the test, you will see the result including wrong letter you have made. The key to get better result is to get used to with the typing standard. Because of that you have to practice typing on the right finger position as often as you can. Even, you can start to do it right now after reading this information. Later, you can try the test again and hopefully, you get better result than before.

To help you analyze the progress, this website is ready with statistic button. By using this statistic button, it is possible to know the result of each typing test. Then, you can compare each of the result and get the progress. Because regular practice is the key, this website is also ready with calendar feature which you can use to set your regular typing test schedule. It is also an easy and free feature to use. Hopefully, it helps you to improve your typing skill and it will be useful for your career in the future.