U.S. Presidential Election: Trivial Things We Need to Know

This year is undeniably a very dynamic presidential election year. The campaign session has been so furious not only because both candidates trying to undermine one another but also so many scandals revealed. We are counting days to the time when we enter the ballot. The question is have already decided which candidate get the vote?

So, you are that so-called swing voter and you are still waiting the right decision to give your vote. Well, let’s take the time to put the tension down. We had enough of so much rhetoric we herd the past few months. While you are still thinking about the vote you will give, why don’t you take a look at this interesting infographic about U.S. presidential election. It is quite surprising that such interesting infographic is available on the website of the home security company. It seems like who will be winning the office will bring significant impact to home security system sales. Well, who knows? And we don’t need to bother as long as we can get very interesting and useful information from this infographic.

There is many trivial information about presidential election in the U.S. as well as trivial things related to U.S. Presidents through the ages. Who would have guessed that we ever had a bachelor president or the sad things that six presidents were assassinated? However, the most crucial information provided in this infographic is about the popular vote and the electoral college system. Several presidents were winning popular vote but end up losing the election because they get lower numbers electrical college. Whether we are going to have a GOP or a liberal in the office, this election will be full of surprises but don’t forget, this won’t be the first one. You still have the time before you cast your vote on the ballot.