Understanding Software Engineering

When choosing which school to enroll or choosing which major to study at the college, it is very important to consider your own passion and also what kind of career you want to have in the future. Don’t forget to also consider the prospect of having a degree in the field you prefer. This is the technology driven era with automation is almost every field. This is the time when software engineering has very important role and becoming a software engineer will be very prospective.

What is software engineering and what software engineer do? Software engineering can be described as systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approach to the development of software, its operation, and its maintenance. It is related to scientific methods of software from its construction to its it is ready to operate as well as maintaining it on optimum performance. It is more than just developing the software but more focusing on scientific principles of software production. A software engineer must be well trained with the scientific principles and methods as well as practical skills on software construction and production. It is including systematic skills of problem solving on software development and production cycle at a predictable cost.

With much advanced requirements for a software and also more complex environment where the software is working, software engineering becomes more crucial. The ever-changing demands of users forces software engineering to focus on several factors including: larger scale of software, scalability, cost, dynamic nature, and also quality management. Scientific methods and engineering process are applied on software development life cycle which include requirement gathering from user, feasibility studies, and system analysis to determine software design. Based on the design, the process goes with coding, testing, and releasing final product. It continues with integration and implementation. Once the software fully operated, the operation and maintenance process will take role.